The International Yachting Media at the first Metaverse World Expo

The International Yachting Media took part as as a representative for the boating sector in the preview meeting of the first metaverse world expo, organized on June 22nd by Olimaint in its VRO environment ‘Oliverso’ to let industry players explain how the world is evolving in this inexorable change we are about to face. The event was attended by a total of almost one hundred thousand people from 21 countries around the world, of which 49,216 over the five-minute mark and 11,345 with the algorithm activated for simultaneous translation, and was the opening table of the week-long metaverse World Expo.

As a pioneer of communication in the yachting world, The International Yachting Media has recently signed an agreement with Olimaint to become the exclusive worldwide distributor of the metaverse in the yachting sector. As TIYM Chairman Luca D’Ambrosio pointed out during his speech, “our group has been dealing with digital publishing specialized in the yachting sector for almost ten years, so the landing in the metaverse represents a natural evolution in our growth, an almost obligatory step”.

“Over the past few months we have been sounding out the interest of industry operators,” continued Luca D’Ambrosio, “and we have found great enthusiasm: in the metaverse it will be possible to have much more fulfilling digital experiences than those we have been used to so far, i.e. displaying boats, using meeting rooms and hosting conferences in a way that is realistic, easy, inexpensive and accessible to anyone. What excites us most in our mission to bring yachting publishing into the metaverse is in fact that VRO environments are easily accessible from any device and that they cut down on business costs: in the metaverse I will be able to visit a boat show, test a boat and attend a conference without moving from home”. Moreover, the six magazines of The International Yachting Media will be the first in the world to be accessible in this mode, in what will be a major step forward for multimedia publishing, reconfirming the group’s digital leadership.

Illustrating the characteristics and potential of the metaverse was Massimiliano Nicolini of Olimaint, a historic multinational company operating in the field of augmented reality, which developed together with three other companies the operating system on which the metaverse is based: “ Olimaint is a pioneer not only in the development of the metaverse, but also in spreading correct information about it, at a time when the topic has become topical and everyone is improvising themselves as experts. The VRO is a fast and accessible technology for anyone, which has unlimited applications: for example, entire offices can be relocated where employees are connected from their homes wearing 3D visors and being seen by their bosses sitting at their desks. In short, the metaverse is not a new world, but a new way of enjoying something that already existed”. And we are thrilled that The International Yachting Media will be running the first yachting-focused hub of the metaverse, leading the companies in the sector that want to land in this new world of augmented and immersive reality.

metaverse world expoThe series of events linked to the metaverse will continue on Tuesday June 28th in Rome, where at 5 p.m., in the Rome Chamber of Commerce, there will be a round table entitled ‘Politics in the metaverse. Technology and environment to design the future’. The work will be introduced by former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte (President of the Five Star Movement) and will be divided into two panels: the first, dedicated to technology, will be moderated by Massimiliano Nicolini (Olimaint), Luca D’Ambrosio (The International Yachting Media), Lorenzo Mari (Hosprofit), Augusto Paolini (Società Italiana Investimenti Immobiliari), Michele D’Ambrosio (Meta Experience) and John Blond (artist); while the second, focused on scientific research for the environment, will feature Luigi Borgogno (Justonearth), Vincenzo Vecchio (Latitudo 40) and Marco Salvemini (University Federico II of Naples). The conclusions will be drawn by Mariolina Castellone (5 Star Movement group leader in the Senate) and Luca Carabetta (5 Star Movement digital transition committee coordinator).

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